- Bringing security, peace of mind & independence to the elderly who live alone since 1981.

Medical alarms that will phone a medic or alert nearby help...your choice.

Medical Alert including phone alert and medical alarm bracelets and medical alert necklace pendants by Phone4Help help to bring peace of mind and emergency aid to the elderly by providing a personal alarm system for immediate use in case of need.

One out of four American senior citizens live alone. Maybe a loved elderly one in your family is living alone. Since the baby boom, America is getting older. PHONE4HELP can help you or someone you love have peace of mind and independence. Do you have a loved one living alone? Have you ever heard of someone falling and being unable to call for help? Do you feel you may need a medical alarm for your own safety? Does the threat of being burglarized or attacked concern you? Do you feel safe coming or leaving home after dark?

Each year because of sudden illness, unexpected accidental injury and even criminal assault, thousands of people are rendered helpless and in need of emergency medical assistance. According to the National Safety Council and the AMA many of these people were home alone when it happened. Of the thousands of people who suffer disabling injuries or attacks, victim's of heart attacks, stroke, arthritis, diabetes, MS and cerebral palsy. Many people in these cases might suffer an unnecessary death because they can't reach or dial their phone.

PHONE4HELP, the electronic Emergency Rescue System can and does summon emergency help when a stricken individual cannot get to a phone to phone for help.
Utilizing modern technology and dedicated people, the PHONE4HELP PHONE ALERT SYSTEM can help prevent unnecessary tragedy.

Central Station monitoring is part of the phone alert service to ensure the highest level of protection and safety.



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